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Susan B. Anthony


NOW marching 50 years ago


2020 Rose Parade We Heart float

2020 marchers Rose Parade for Women;s Suffrage Centennial 

Above: The 2020 Rose Parade float  commemorating the Women's Suffrage Centennial


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Pauli Murray by Rosita Stevens-Holsey


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September 2023

President's Message

Table of Contents:


  1. NOW Award to Rosita Stevens-Holsey

  2.  Link to Zakiya Thomas' August Presentation on the ERA

  3. Susan Chunko Honored by Sebastopol

  4. Our Next Meeting for September

  5. Shout Out to Molly Murphy MacGregor

  6. Special Herstory Dates in September


Greetings NOW friends,

Last October, our chapter's guest speaker was Rosita Stevens-Holsey, niece of the Rev. Dr. Pauli Murray, one of the pioneers in founding the National Organization for Women. Rosita was recently presented with the 2023 Woman of Vision Award by NOW for her contributions in keeping her aunt Pauli's legacy in the forefront, and in doing so, also had an impact on Pauli being chosen to appear on the 2024 quarter! Congratulations, Rosita! We are very proud to be a part of this organization and its history.

We still have the video from the October 2022 meeting with Rosita Stevens-Holsey on our YouTube channel and you can watch it anytime at this link. Rosita's book (image above), written for youth, was published earlier this year on the life of Pauli Murray and is sold everywhere these days: Pauli Murray: The Life of a Pioneering Feminist & Civil Rights Activist. Her website, Preserving Pauli Murray, is linked here.

To support keeping her aunt Pauli’s legacy, Rosita is a member of the Pauli Murray Center for History and Social Justice located in Durham, NC. Their mission is to realize a world in which wholeness is a human right for all and not the privilege of a few, the Pauli Murray Center actively works toward fairness and justice across race, class, sexuality, gender, and spiritual practice. The Center embraces the transformative power of collecting and telling our stories to heal and promote human rights. To find out more about the Pauli Murray Center go to .


If you missed August's meeting with Zakiya Thomas, President & CEO of the ERA Coalition and Fund for Women's Equality, you can watch the video on our YouTube Channel linked here. Thank you to all who attended and for your questions, which enhanced the evening. We learned so much about the Equal Rights Amendment, what it will do when finally inscribed into the U.S. Constitution, and what actions we can take now to ensure this is done! The best way is to sign the ERA petition linked here.

There are three other top actions Zakiya urged us to take:

  1.  Contact our local and state representatives to demand they support the ERA!

  2.  Have discussions with others who may not agree with us to find common ground. The ERA will help everyone in society, not just women.

  3.  Most important: VOTE for those who will represent us in government!

On the radio show, Women's Spaces, on KBBF 89.1 FM, host/co-producer Elaine B. Holtz recently had the honor of interviewing Zakiya Thomas, and you can listen to this informative and inspiring recording at the link here.


Susan Chunco at Homeless Action in 2018

Susan Chunco at Homeless Action in 2018 (Creative Commons)


Congratulations to Susan Chunco whose name has been placed on the Living Peace Wall in Sebastopol, California. The Peace Wall, a monument of granite panels topped by a bronze hippie peace symbol, honors and quotes prominent nonviolence activists and social justice figures. Created by Michael Gillotti, unveiled Oct. 2015 in downtown Sebastopol, no-nukes, self-proclaimed "Peace Town USA." Four names are added each year.

Susan first became an activist protesting the war in Vietnam, and in recent years has served on the board and as treasurer of the Peace and Justice Center of Sonoma County, collating the Sonoma County Peace Press and tabling at activists’ events for multiple organizations. One of the original advocates for Camp Michela (Remembrance Village), she continues to act as community liaison for the local homeless encampment.


September will be a general meeting for all members. Please join us at our next meeting to learn more about our chapter's doings. We are planning in upcoming months to have a movie night (in person) and will have other events as well. YOU can help us by expressing your views on what interests you and keeps you active in NOW.

Note: Meting Date Changed to 9/25

September 25, 2023 Zoom Details
7:00-8:30 p.m.
Meeting ID: 828 4637 4496 Passcode: 035853


It is our hope that you will be inspired to join our local NOW chapter, if you are not yet a member, or even to join the board. Become an active participant in this powerful organization.  Our chapter's ID is CA0660 and you can select it when you sign up here. If you prefer to write a check, here is a form you can clip and mail.

-- Amy Nykamp, President


NOW Membership Form - Mail-in


Thank You for Your Service!

A shout out to the National Women’s History Alliance celebrating forty-three years of bringing Women’s History to the world. A special thank you and congratulations to Co-Founder and Executive Director Molly Murphy MacGregor. An amazing accomplishment. Rumor has it that Molly will be stepping down as Executive Director at the end of the year. (Just between us, that is yet to be seen.) For more on the organization and its history, click here


Special Herstory Dates in September

Caroline Banuelos

Caroline Banuelos (Creative Commons photo)

3 Caroline Bañuelos (1959– ), President, Sonoma Co. Latino Democratic Club

4 Labor Day

6 Jane Addams (1860–1935), suffragist, Nobel laureate, cofounder ACLU

13 Grandparents' Day

14 Margaret Sanger (1879–1966), activist, educator

22 Elsie Allen (1899–1990), Pomo leader

23 Fall Equinox

23 Victoria Woodhull (1838–1927), activist, feminist, first woman candidate for U.S. President (1872) for the Equal Rights Party

23 Mary Church Terrell (1863–1954), suffragist outstanding speaker, first president of National Association of Colored Women (1896), picketed in Washington D.C. for woman suffrage and desegregation.

23 Elsie Hill (1899–1970), suffragist 


If you are not yet a NOW member or need to renew your membership, please join our growing organization! Our chapter's ID is CA0660 and you can select it when you sign up here.


Our proud Chapter

Celebrating the NOW's 50th Anniversary in Santa Rosa, CA

Above: Our Chapter celebrating the 50th Anniversary of NOW with the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors, October 2016.


August 26, 2020, the 19th Amendment Centennial and Women's Equality Day was celebrated in Sebastopol with the Women's Suffrage Banners.

City of Sebastopol Celebrates 19th Amendment Centennial and Women's Equality Day August 26, 202          City of Sebastopol Celebrates 19th Amendment Centennial and Women's Equality Day August 26, 2020


The 2020 Rose Parade featured the We Heart float commemorating the Women's Suffrage Centennial and won the Theme Trophy. See video clip below for the passage of the float and the Women Suffragist marchers in front of KTLA cameras January 1, 2020.


Susan B. Anthony


Susan B Anthony grave decorated with I Voted stickers

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